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How to use the Marshall County Library System website

This page will give descriptions of what is found on each of the menu buttons on the Library website.

A brief description about the services provided by Marshall County Library System and its two branches in Byhalia and Potts Camp.

Library activities, courses and programs, as well as new book arrivals, are posted on this page. The news items are in narrative style. Patrons have the opportunity to create their own list of events they would like to attend. When you sign up with an email address, new postings can be sent to you by email.

The calendar shows a full month of events scheduled at the Library and its branches. When you mouse over an event title, a window pops up showing more detail on the event.

This is a database of books located in the Library. The search functions allows you to enter a title or author and find the book, indicating the number of copies and whether or not it is available. There is another option that lists all the books available.

This interactive page allows patrons to post a list of your favorite books with reviews, if you wish. You can visit other patrons’ lists to see what others are reading and select books for your own book list.

The Library Blog is open to patrons to provide a book review, comments on books or Library programs or anything you would like to share that other patrons would find interesting. Library Staff will also communicate with patrons using the blog.

By clicking the Policies button, users can access an index of all the Library’s policies. Policies include rules governing the operations of the Library such as computer use, Library fees, confidentiality policy, Library Bill of Rights, obtaining and using Library cards.

This is a link to the Marshall County Genealogical Society’s website. Use this site to search for information on your ancestors.

Magnolia (Mississippi Alliance for Gaining New Opportunities through Library Information Access) is a compilation of databases covering over 27 topics. The service is provided through the Mississippi State University Library and is funded by the Mississippi Legislature. Information on virtually any subject area can be obtained through the Magnolia databases.

Valuable information about subject matter in standardized tests can be obtained from the Learn-a-Test site. Each of the Learning Centers offers the practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and information you need at school, at work, or in life.

This is a kid-friendly database to select books from the Library’s collection in a variety of categories starting with people, places and things. The selections expand to a list of books available on the exact subject.

This is a location where photos of events and activities of the Library can be collected. Currently a link to the Library’s Facebook page is provided for the photos. In the future a gallery will import pictures from the Facebook page and display them on a dynamic platform. 

The page has a list of 153 clickable website addresses in 20 categories to provide a wealth of information in just a click.   

Library staff provide answers to the most asked questions.

Contact information, hours of operation and map locations of each of the branches are provided on this page.

This page provides an area where patrons can submit a question or comment for the Library staff.

This is a button that leads to the admin panel for staff to service the site.